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Barry Kamrad
Co-founder & Director

Barry is a founding partner of 9Ware, Inc. and serves as a company Director, playing an integral role in financial and operational strategy decisions. He is an accomplished business services entrepreneur who started his career in the aviation industry after obtaining an Aircraft Engineering degree in the early 1980s. He worked at Pan American World Airways and two airport FBOs but a slowdown in the airline industry caused him to seek other options to earn a living. An opportunity in the hospitality industry took him through a decade of stores and operations management experience, reaching the position of Director of Support Services at Vie de France, a multi-national chain of French Bakery Cafés. Wanting to gain additional knowledge about technology applications in business, he further studied Software Engineering and System Administration. With these additional qualifications and his experience in business operations, he then worked at some of America's largest technology and telecom companies including MCI (now part of Verizon), AT&T and IBM.

Although Barry started his first business in 1990, by 2000 he had become a full-time entrepreneur and has since successfully set up several businesses providing processing and optimization services to growing companies. His greatest passion is to help senior leaders and teams convert their organizations into principled workplaces and become top performers through productivity optimization practices.