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Don Grage
Managing Director

Don has managed technical, financial and business operations in many capacities for the last 18 years. While serving in his role as 9Ware's head of operations and services, he spearheaded the OilPF initiative and actively participated in design and development of the hedging services and associated software tools. Since 2005, Don has also served as head of risk management and hedging for one of 9Ware's large petroleum industry clients, and he also manages a small private investment fund. While overseeing operations and IT services for his own startup firm, for iXL Inc's Washington, D.C. and German divisions, for bioinformatics and engineering companies, and now for 9Ware and OilPF, Don has gained expertise in software and database development, data analysis, finance, project management, client services, strategic planning, and general operations. During his career, Don has steered companies from inception to high growth and profitable operations.

In 1993 Don started a multimedia software company, Potomac Interactive Corporation, with a partner. Serving as CEO, he oversaw and participated in the production, technology, human resources and financial aspects of the company as it surpassed $1M in revenues by 1996 and became profitable. In 1997 Potomac Interactive merged with a similar firm, NetResponse. Don served as VP Operations of the new firm until it merged with iXL in late 1998. NetResponse and another local firm became iXL's DC office at that time, and Grage was named SVP Operations for the merged entity. By early 2000, the DC office had grown to a staff of 120, providing a 30% contribution margin to corporate iXL. At that point Don accepted a challenge to relocate and help revitalize the iXL Germany operation, serving as its interim SVP Operations & Client Services. The goal was achieved in six months as the 65-person operation became an 80-person division with a positive contribution margin.

From early 2001 to mid-2002, Don oversaw the business and marketing aspects of Gene Logic's entrée into enterprise bioinformatics software. Traditionally a genomics information company with a strong yet un-marketed software capability, Gene Logic successfully launched the Genesis Enterprise System in mid-2001. Genesis customers included large pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer. From mid-2002 to 2004, Don played a lead operations role in growing a structural engineering company and guiding it through a merger with a larger firm.

Prior to starting a company in 1993, Don received an M.B.A. from Georgetown University with emphases on international business, finance, technology management, and entrepreneurship. While at Georgetown he served as President of the Production Operations Management Club and Treasurer of Students for Eastern European Development. He spent the summer during graduate school in Prague, Czech Republic, developing a 5-year strategic operating plan for the newly privatized R&D division of the Czech Power Ministry. Don also received a B.S. in Physics from UCLA in 1987.

From 1985 through graduate school, Don was a systems engineer. He developed business, mathematical and computer graphics applications using C, Pascal, Basic, Fortran, SQL, etc. on various Microsoft and UNIX operating system platforms. He has maintained direct involvement with software development in the years since, and has gained hands on experience with tools including Java, JSP, ColdFusion, Mathematica, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server while playing an operations role.