Solutions built for you

Custom Solutions:
we understand business

9Ware is not a systems integrator – we’re a solutions provider. It may sound like a small distinction, but it means a world of difference to us, and for you.

We work with you to analyze your business needs. We make sure we understand where you are, and where you’re going. That will allow us to propose the best solutions to achieve your goals within budget, both now and as you grow.

giving you exactly what you need

Your business isn’t cookie-cutter; the solution that’s right for you isn’t cookie-cutter, either. We implement an appropriate mix of open-source, off-the-shelf, and 9Ware’s own ready-to-implement applications, along with custom-designed programs as necessary. We make sure that they’re all completely integrated together and with your existing systems to maximize your productivity within your budget. And we do it all quickly and efficiently, so that your business can keep going the distance, going for speed.

in the real world:

9Ware goes beyond managing the data for
its original intent. We apply our business experience and data analysis tools to discover relationships within and across various sources, to identify strengths and weaknesses and help you maximize your value to your customers.